Plastic Bumper Welding

Exterior moulding, mirror casing and plastic bumper welding in Bromley

Ensure your bodywork looks brand new!

Financial sense

Stone chips, scratches and bumper scuffs are not only unsightly, they can considerably drive down the resale value of a vehicle. Not too long ago, it didn't make financial sense to fix these cosmetic problems because of the high repair cost. With our revolutionary new paint repair process, you cannot afford not to.
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Plastic bumper repair

Plastic bumper repairs
car bumper repairs
car damage repairs
repaired car bumper
Plastic welding

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Plastic welding

Exterior mouldings, mirror casings, bumpers and motorcycle fairings, which have become cracked or scuffed, need not necessarily be replaced. In many cases plastic welding can remedy the crack and subsequent re-finishing techniques makes the part look as good as new at a fraction of replacement costs. Texture and colour is applied to the plastic component to ensure remedial works exactly replicate the original factory fitted item. 
Panel Replacements

Plastic bumper repair - welding

Plastic bumper repair
Plastic bumper repair - welding
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